6 noob mistakes to avoid when playing PUBG Mobile

Yes, A single mistake can cost you the game in PUBG Mobile. You should ensure that you avoid making these in your quest for that elusive “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER”

6 noob mistakes to avoid when playing PUBG Mobile

Winning a round of PUBG Mobile is not easy. It’s a tricky game that seems to reward luck just as equally as skill. You can try all the tips and tricks in the book, but a single mistake can get you gunned down by the opposition. However, some mistakes are way too common for us to ignore any longer. So without further ado, here are some noob mistakes that are just asking for trouble.

Here are 6 noob Mistakes to avoid while playing PUBG Mobile…

Unnecessary looting

This is possible the most common mistake players tend to make. In their haste to get the best possible loot, they tend to spend the majority of the game looting. Remember, the objective of the game is to be the last player alive, not be the player that has the most loot. If you find a decent set of armor, a good gun, and a decent scope, looting should no longer take priority.

Immediately looting a downed player

There are so many players who instinctively make their way to the player they have just killed in order to loot their gear. There are so many ways this can backfire. The gun battle may have alerted nearby players who might come and investigate. Add to this the fact that downed players let off a flashing green light and accompanying smoke, and you’ve literally given your position away. This is especially true in case of Duos or Squad mode where some players start looting even before the rest of the team has been defeated. Don’t be that player. Make sure that the coast is clear, then get to looting.

Rushing supply drops

Supply drops can sometimes be the difference between victory and loss. The loot in a drop crate can make you one of the most powerful players in the match. As such, the desire to immediately head towards one can be great. However, unless the drop is right next to you, rushing towards the crate is suicide. There are plenty of other guys who will have the same idea and will be rushing towards the crate as well. It’s a better idea to stop, survey the area around the crate, and then proceed. Remember: the early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse always get the cheese.

Not changing position after being spotted

If you attack a player and they duck behind a cover, many players tend to stay in the same location, waiting for the enemy to come out from cover. That is liable to get you killed by either the same player, or another player who has come to investigate. If your target ducks behind cover, you should move away to another location. This may give you another angle from which to flank your enemy, while he/she is still trying to spot you. 

Engaging an enemy without a clear strategy

Unless you really want that ‘Terminator’ badge, you’ll do well to remember that PUBG is all about being the last one alive. This means that killing is just one part of the action. In fact, it’s possible to win without even killing a single player. So if you see an enemy who hasn’t spotted you yet, you might not want to give up your location just yet. There could be many reasons for this. The player may be beyond the range of your weapon, or he/she may be better equipped that you. Also, they may have cover near them, while you may not. So keep this in mind before engaging another player. 

Not watching your flank

When hiding in tall grass, you movements can give you away and makes for a very silly way to die. Not many people realise that they can look around, without physically moving the player. This can be done by using that tiny little joystick that looks like an eye, which is located right next to the map. This allows you to turn the camera around, without moving the player. 

These were just some of the ways you can avoid being gunned down like a noob. Also, you can check the powers and specifications of weapons in PUBG Mobile game.

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